Request A Spirit Review

After some years educating in the spirits industry, Adam Chapman has noted a need for credible reviews of the growing number of Australian spirits being produced. He has 35 years of making, conducting tastings, blending and fine-tuning palate adjustments. As an industry professional and educator, he would like to invite


He will use samples in the WSET Level 1, 2 and 3 Award in Spirits and also write detailed reviews for Australian Distillers. These will be featured online via this “link” and can be used by the distillers for marketing promotions and to increase sales, further enhancing the spirits growth here in Australia.

If you are a distiller, use our review request form to obtain a form to access this service to escalate your spirit sales.

Mail/courier samples to the address below:

  • Adam Chapman, Wine and Spirit Inc, 55 Barcrest Drive, Maroochy River, Qld.
  • Email for further information
  • Contact me on mobile 0418 739 257

Why send samples to be reviewed?

  • They will be reviewed in depth by an industry expert. You will receive a written review/report for your use
  • There is no charge for the review
  • Samples offer access to strong social media platforms
  • A review and its promotion is an inexpensive method of marketing for Distillery owners
  • Reviews will be published at
  • Samples may be used in WSET Education classes for hundreds of NEW students
  • Adam’s qualifications and history will drive enhanced sales
  • The reviews may be used by the distillery to use on their website and social media platforms, FREE OF CHARGE
  • Samples must be ready for sale with appropriate industry labels
  • Tank or oak pre-bottled samples may also be sent for a brief review which will be supplied to the Distiller ONLY.

Spirits which may be reviewed below (sorry no liqueurs at this stage):

  • Whisky
  • Rum
  • Gin
  • Vodka