Winemaking Consulting

Adam Chapman is a successful winemaker having worked at the highest level in Australia and overseas for 35 years. He is now available as an independent consultant to wineries in the following areas:


  • Winemaking styling
  • Wine Blending options
  • Winemaking Process flow design
  • Winery Design
  • COGS for winemaking
  • Oak, SS tank options
  • Refrigeration design and cooling layout
  • Bottling layout and machinery type
  • Dry Good COGS and selection options
  • Business Planning
  • Staff sourcing


  • Vineyard location suitability
  • Grape Variety Selection
  • Trellis and Aspect design
  • Vineyard Business planning
  • Vineyard COGS and associations

Regions Adam has worked

  • Barossa Valley – South Australia
  • Granite Belt – Queensland
  • South Burnett – Queensland
  • Hunter Valley – New South Wales
  • Beaujolais – Burgundy
  • St Emilion – Bordeaux
  • Pomerol – Bordeaux
  • Tournus – Burgundy
  • Ardeche – Vin du Pays

Distilling Consulting

Adam Chapman has been studying spirits for six years and has recently completed a General Certificate in Distilling – and now currently studying the Diploma in Distilling at the Institute of Brewing and Distilling UK.

With an extensive background in the winemaking industry, his palate and practical approach to distilling, costing and operations is efficient and effective.

Adam can advise you on the distilling industry in the areas listed below:

  • Business designs and structure
  • Still design, pot, column, condenser
  • Process design and styling for raw materials
  • Distillery design and layout
  • COGS on processing and COBD on sales and marketing
  • GP% and NP% approach
  • Tasting and Blending options
  • Oak management on size, type

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Project Management

This is an area that Adam has been an industry leader with best practice expertise. His experience in this area protects the planet, reduces time wasting and eliminates negative procedures in production plants, wineries, distilleries and waste plants.

Project Management is a skill that Adam has mastered in terms of planning, time management, project- and cost-driven outcomes and an approach that gets it done. From designing processing plants for wineries or distilleries, Adam can assist you in industry aspects listed below

  • Suitable location
  • Resources required, both in and out of facility
  • Computer programs for wineries and distilleries
  • Design
  • Costing associated with building and machinery required
  • Staff Selection
  • COGS flow chart
  • CODB flow chart
  • Doing “what if” planning and question layout


Eco-Management is another key area that Adam has pioneered during his career in regard to location, saving money and a best practice approach.

Another key reason why Eco-Management is important has been in the visible improvement of his design and machinery implementation over his career, allowing a full understanding Life Cycle Analysis and CO2-e.

Below are items that may benefit in your facility:

  • Liquid waste flow management
  • Solid waste flow management
  • Production facility design
  • Co- and Tri-Generation of machinery
  • Packaging waste
  • Waste water reuse, recycling, and rethinking
  • Water flow meter implementations
  • Heat reductions on design and materials

Get in touch via email or telephone 0418 739 257