Lark Classic Single Malt Whisky

46% ABV

$163.00 AUD, 500ml.

Nose: Very malty, spicy nose, with big lifted notes of dried fruit, orange peel and dried dates, figs and sultanas. A touch of roasted brazil nuts, cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper heat, with a small influence of peat smoke.

Palate: Big and rich, round and bold, with plenty of fruit and oak sweetness, with a curious, oily peat tones which adds to the palate depth and length, roasted almonds, toffee apples and malt. Soft and intense and very persistent. 

Finish: Decent length, with vanilla, cinnamon sweetness and Christmas spices. Toffee, caramel with spicy oak and smoke.

Drink: Neat or with a large ball ice, no mixers

Stills: Double Copper Pot

Other: Small Peat influence in malted barley selection

Distiller: Chris

Oak: Small oak, American and French re-made and re-fired, also ex port and sherry older barrels

Score: 93/100