Ocean: The DASHER + FISHER Tasmanian Coastal Gin

42% ABV

$90.00 AUD

NoseSeaweed, slight saline touches the most delicate and subtle nose of the three Gins in the range. Attractive rose, musk, wild limes, pepper berry notes, wild berry touches and subtle grapefruit citrus aromatics.

Palate Rich and creamy, modern in style, pretty, lime, saline like oyster shell, citrus lime and grapefruit touches as soft full mouth feel with a creamy texture, and hints of rose and salt from seaweed fusion a great clean finish and very pleasant weight.  

Drink: As a martini with Ocean D&F 60ml Gin and 40ml Dolin Dry Vermouth, chilled glass, sip slowly and enjoy.

Distiller – George Burgess

Distillation: Copper Pot from Stillsmith via maceration and vapour

Base Spirit: – Grape

Botanicals: 12 different botanicals used in for the fusion, also a basket used.

Score: 92/100

Buy: https://www.southernwilddistillery.com/product/ocean-gin/