Alcohol;- 40% ABV

Price:- $60.00 AUD

Style:- Ok, this is a great Australian Gin style take on the London Dry. Made in Western Australia in a lovely spot, fantastic botanicals grown in the west. This gin shows them beautifully. Lots of sunshine, cool nights, some saline influences off the ocean, and everything living in happiness. Ladies and Gents support the Aussie Spirits, remove the Gordon’s and Beefeater from the cupboards and replace it with “The West Winds – The Sabre”, you will not be disappointed.

Aromas/Taste :- A lovely exciting lift of wild citrus notes jumping out of the glass, solid infusion of Juniper as you would expect for this London Dry style, with some refreshing red berry fruit aromas dancing around the palate as well, plus a good wack of coriander and wattle-seed and all giving great palate length, creaminess and persistence that is just wanting you to get another one.

Drink: A great example of a perfect Aussie made Gin used in a Classic Gin and Tonic, with a twist of lemon if desired. Or as I always do, neat with a large ball of ice, sip, savour, and feel and find all the little refined beauty in this Gin and see the art of the distiller before adding the Tonic – Experiment

Distiller – Anthony Reynolds

Distillation: Hungarian custom made 600 litre copper pot still

Base Spirit: – Australian Wheat based – Super clean canvas for building this Gin

Botanist’s: Juniper, Coriander seed, Lemon Myrtle, Cinnamon Myrtle, Wattle-seed

Awards :- Champion + Gold Medal – Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2015, Gold Medal – San Fransisco Spirit Competition 2011

Score: 92/100

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