HUSK – Virgin Cane Rum

Australian Agricole Rum – Triple Oak – 5 years

Nose – Quite expressive in the glass, scent of dried flowers, orange blossom, ground spice of cinnamon and cloves, dried raisins, floral grassy edges, subtle vanillin oak notes, wild ginger root and leaf and crushed roasted walnuts and almonds.

Palate – Dry, with a vibrant fresh alcohol hit, delivering sweet dried fruits such as raisins, prunes, dates and mocha notes with overflowing vanilla, coffee bean and an intertwined sunflower and toffee fusions. Nice oak usage, not drying and allows the fruit and structure of the cane juice to shine.

The oak – First seen with Port barrels, then Bourbon and finally virgin oak, all nicely balanced and adding nice attributes to the final blend.

Drink – Neat over ice

Other – Traditionally, this fresh sugar cane juice fermented, double distilled Rhum Agricole is from Martinique, Guadeloupe and Haiti. It is great to now see this style here in Australia.

Distiller – Quentin Brival

Distillation –  Forsyth Copper Pot – double distilled, first of this type and brand of still in Australia.

Score – 92/100.

Price $115 to $130 in Retail Stores.

Alcohol – 44% ABV.

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